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How It Works

It is very simple to take advantage of the services provided by Inspired Visions, LLC.

1. Send an e-mail using the Contact Us Form explaining your issue and question. Clearly present your case with enough information so that it may be resolved. Please be detailed about the issue you want to solve. If you wish, you can provide a little history to your situation, but there is no need to spend much time detailing the backstory.

2. I will evaluate the issue and provide you an estimate via e-mail as to what it costs to answer your question or provide perspective on your issue.

3. If you agree to the price, simply make a donation to Inspired Vision, LLC’s Paypal Account for the quote amount.

4. Upon confirming the funds are received, your question will be answered.

5. Depending on the complexity of the problem, there may be some follow up questions.

I officially bill at $40 per hour, but most problems are solved within a 15 – 30 minute e-mail or so. Therefore most final bills come in around $20.

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