#1 The Mindset

To be a champion, you have to cultivate and execute the champion mindset. No one has ever been a loser with a winner’s mindset. Comparatively, no one has ever been a winner with a loser’s mindset.

When it comes to reaching goals, your mindset is everything. Sometimes your mindset is all you have. It is definitely all you begin with. So, if you want to make the change to achieve your goal, you have to make the change in your mind.

#2 Tell Your Friends

Telling your friends builds your accountability towards your goals. Additionally, telling your friends, allow you to build credibility with your words. No one wants to be known as a liar. And for you to be accountable and credible to yourself, your friends, and your goals, you have to do what you said you were going to do. Goal Empowerment comes from being true to your word. It’s that simple.

#3 Expect a Return on Investment

Most people don’t expect. They wish. Expecting means that you are putting in the work, and that the work you put in will produce the results that you seek. This is not the magic of success – it is the science of success.

Why expect? You become and stay motivated according to the level of your expectations. Imagine putting in work and never expecting any results. You would be miserable. This is always a waste of time.

However, expecting results means that by definition you are putting in the work. Learn to live by this rule: The greater your expectations, the greater the work you have to put in.

#4 Work Harder and Smarter

Feedback is a beautiful thing. It allows you to make changes when and where the changes are needed. Working Harder and Smarter is a way to cash in on feedback.

Working Harder means that you cultivate your desire to perform better through both time and effort. This is an internal thing. However, Working Smarter is brought about through reading for education and implementation. This is an external thing.

Everything you want to do, has been done before in some way shape or form. Working Smarter does not mean you have to be the smartest. Working Smarter simply means you are smart enough to learn from others.

Inspired Point of Power:  Mindset. Tell. Expect. Work. REPEAT

~Be Inspired and Live You!

-Coach Dwayne L.

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