Let me just start today’s post by saying…you are needed. Not only that, but you are deeply needed. Who needs you, you ask? You are needed by everyone, and this includes yourself. Being needed is absolutely necessary to living a fulfilled life.

Sometimes we get so caught up in being independent. We take so much pride in life about being able to do everything or anything by ourselves. However, realistically, no one is truly independent. At some level, we all need each other to become the strongest versions of ourselves.

This is how we become stronger – we learn from others. We imitate others. We are inspired and motivated by…yep, you guessed it…others. Answer this question: What does the world need from you? Is it your blogging ability, your singing, your intellect, your love for adventure? The mere fact that you are breathing means that the world needs something from you.

Most people will never take the time to think about what the world needs from them…because they only think in terms of what they need. And this needful thinking ultimately keeps them from accomplishing their goals and keeps them unfulfilled.  But you have the opportunity to be different.  You have the opportunity to present the world with your talent.  If you blog, write blogs! If you create youtube videos, create more youtube videos! If you coach, go out and coach! It’s just that simple.

Anyone you interact with has the potential to spark your greatness. Any person you interact with, could help spark your greatness. We all need help at some point in our lives. You never know who you will encourage by writing your blog, making your youtube video, or singing your song. It’s time to stand up and take charge and give the world what it’s been demanding of you. It’s time to step up and meet the challenges that are staring you in the face.

To be needed, is a great thing. To have something to offer is even better. Start taking responsibility for the gifts you possess and step out with renewed diligence and focus to start a positive chain reaction in people’s lives. To experience life with them. To join in the battle to win people, to following their passion through education, inspiration, and motivation. Sure, when you are out there, sometimes you will feel alone, but you are never alone…because the world needs you.

Inspired Visions Point of Power: Being needed is the first step to fulfillment.

~Be Inspired and Live You!

-Coach Dwayne L.

Coach Dwayne L. is a Certified Life Coach. Feel free to Follow, Like, Comment, or email him at inspiredvisionsllc@yahoo.com. For more motivation please visit www.inspiredvisionsllc.wordpress.com or http://www.facebook.com/Inspiredvisionsllc

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