A Small Lesson

A few years ago, my infant son was lying peacefully in his crib. Suddenly, a loud sound destroyed the silence. His eyes became big with fear as he stared at me. After this brief pause, he began to cry. It was clear to me that the sound had startled him only because he feared the unknown sound.

This taught me a valuable lesson about fear. It convinced me that the only fear that we are innately born with is the fear of loud sounds. This lesson serves as a great foundation for the fear that I want to concentrate on today; the fear of criticism.

We Learned It

The fear of criticism absolutely cripples our self-confidence. And if we assume that the fear of noises is the only fear we are born with, how did we get the fear of criticism?

I have concluded that the fear of criticism is something we teach ourselves by observing others. Simply put, we learn to fear the opinion of others because of our own criticism we offer them.

Please get the point that I am making here.  The reason you are afraid of another person’s criticism, is not because of them; it’s because of you.  You are afraid of another person’s criticism towards you because of your criticism towards them.

Our Personal Energy

Everyone has energy stored within them.  That stored energy will be released as positive or negative.  This positive or negative energy expresses itself by way of your thoughts and culminates as actions and feelings.  Therefore, it is our responsibility to control this energy.

In order to exercise control, you have to make the decision to be positive.  And when you do that, you automatically become a supporter rather than a criticizer.  It takes a little effort to build the habit, but once you do…you are on your way to gaining more confidence within yourself, and helping support others to do it also.

Become a mental supporter of others instead of a criticizer of others.  It’s a simple trick, but it works wonders for eliminating the learned fear of criticism.

Inspired Point of Power: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Support others and others will support you.

~Be Inspired and Live You!

-Coach Dwayne L.

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