This is perhaps one of the most difficult questions to answer in the history of mankind. Society would have you to believe that success is obtained by achieving a successful job status. But what happens when you finally acquire the status at your job and the material things you want? Undoubtedly, you say to yourself…what’s next? So, you go out and you do more…and more…and more – not really knowing what you are doing, but knowing that doing “something” is better than doing “nothing”.

The principle theme for society today is: “Money, more Money, and the Pursuit of Success”. This is the theme that some “successful” people have burned into their subconscious mind. However, in their defense, this is totally understandable. The reason I say it’s understandable is because from the moment we enter the formal learning institutions, we are taught to compare ourselves with others and compete for social-academic standing. The theme is, be better than the next guy so you can get a Gold Star on your report card (Yes, I did receive a few Gold Stars)!

However, after a number of years, we move from asking questions like…what did you get on the test, to more pointed questions like how did my presentation go or how much do you make an hour? We move into full blown adulthood – the representative status symbols of grades and gold stars transforms into the social-economic status of money and power.

Then something else happens to us. Psychologically, we start to associate our personal worth and status with how much money we earn at the J.O.B (Just Over Broke). We give up our passion and dreams for mundane obligations and approval from our working peers and superiors. Instead of living the tried and true principles in our lives that provide us with real meaning and peaceful fulfillment, we choose to fit in with the crowd and climb the corporate ladder.

While you are on your way up the ladder, keep this in mind, recent statistics indicate that over 2 million people quit their jobs each and every month. Combine this with the alarming fact that 74% would consider finding a new job, and you have a serious problem on your hands. That’s why it’s crucial for your fulfillment to not be tied to a 9 to 5 job…your fulfillment should be tied to your passion!

Here’s a little test. I’ll give you 10 seconds to write down the top five things you want in your life that you are passionate about. Ready. Set. Go! Not as easy as it seems hunh? The truth is…the POWER lies in knowing exactly what you are passionate about. If you found it difficult to do this exercise, you may be suffering from the “I want it all” (aka “I don’t know what I want) syndrome. There is a cure for this syndrome, but it’s only for the BOLD. It’s for the person who is willing to truthfully evaluate their own life and follow their God given passion in their heart, as opposed to following and being driven by their company’s Annual Evaluation and Five Year Plan or some other social-economic measuring tool.

When is enough, enough? The truth is..it’s never enough. More specifically, it’s never time for enough. There is always a higher level that someone wants you to reach. When will you be at the top of the success ladder? Truth is, you won’t. We live in a finite world with infinite possibilities, and because of this, we have to CHOOSE what we want to invest our time into. You should always try your best, but trying your best does not mean selling your identity for so-called success.

You have to define your own success. Success has to be tied to fulfillment. The Bible teaches us – what would it profit a man to gain the entire world, and lose his soul? This is a true principle because it teaches us to hold true to ourselves in the midst of both trials and success. Unfortunately, such wise and power teachings fall on deaf ears and blind eyes today.

There are countless people that have money, secure jobs, houses, family, and guess what? They are some of the most miserable people you could ever meet. Do you know why? They did not define their own success. They chose to live out life according to what someone else’s measuring stick of success is. Please, don’t end up like that. Deep down, these people know their life is not fulfilling, but they have built themselves a prison of success. They can’t stop due to the enormous responsibility that they’ve taken on and have imprisoned themselves with the fear of letting someone down. Look around, odds are that you know a person like this, or probably work with them (their probably in the very next cube).

Success is something to be enjoyed. It’s something that brings you peace. It’s something that you can receive fulfillment from. Let me be as frank as possible. Success will give you a good night’s sleep and replenishes your energy. If you are burnt out, stressed out, or angry…chances are that you may be getting by on cheap thrills of obtainment and worldly success, but eventually the gas tank will run dry, and you will be stranded on the highway to fulfillment. Why? Because you refused to listen to the signs that God sends you.

Oftentimes our society focuses on the outward, with little focus on the inward. And you are not alone; some of your most successful people constantly struggle with health, family, and personal issues. Not to mention their own mental challenges and stress of juggling priorities that are self-inflicted and self-maintained.

Surely, if success for you is a variation of responsibility that have manipulated you and become stressful obligations…you are not successful; you are simply being controlled by the aspects of life that you so desperately seek.

We need to get back to basic principles of developing a healthy self-esteem and personal worth that is not tied to a 9 to 5 position or our monetary value. We need to make the paradigm shift back to WHO you are rather than WHAT you are. You Only Live Once, but if you live with passion…you are truly successful.

Remember, with each successful milestone you accomplish, make sure you’re not erecting a bar to your own prison.

~Be Inspired and Live You!
Coach Dwayne

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