Belief is the Starting Line

The main thing that propels people to success is the beliefs that they adopt in their lives. What is belief? Beliefs are creeds and doctrines that we all live by, and they affect every aspect of our lives in either a positive or negative manner.

Your life of success starts with belief. Belief is one of the most powerful forces known to the human race. However, most people fail to realize that belief must be created, nurtured and protected throughout your life.

Negative inputs to our Belief Systems

We have interactions with people and situations throughout our day that could cause us to feel bad. And even though it does not do us any good to focus on these things, we consistently fixate our attention on negative things in our day. This leads us to feel and believe negatively about ourselves or our situations.

The key thing to remember is that belief is belief. It does not matter how you establish it.  You use the same mental faculties to believe negatively as you do to believe positively. We can use this to our advantage, by harnessing the strength of the belief itself, while changing the object of the belief (what the belief is toward).

We become our Beliefs

Ultimately, we become our beliefs whether they are positive or negative. Therefore, we must keep in mind that only positive resulting beliefs give birth to the positive version of yourself. The way this happens is that belief in yourself leads to believing in your intentions, and as intentions become actions, while ultimately actions becomes success. It’s something that we all can achieve, and it’s something we all must believe in.

Inspired Point of Power: If success is the finish line then you must start at your belief.

~Be Inspired and Live You!

-Coach Dwayne L.

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