Everyone has opportunity. It comes in all shapes, forms, and times. However, the kicker is that you have to exercise the wisdom and wherewithal to discover it within yourself. People fail to see their life as an opportunity. They fail to see that their life is a gift to them, and they must repay the gift to life by living a fulfilled and focused life.

One of the reasons there is so much heartache and pain in the world, is that people live lives that are “comfortable” rather than digging down deep to give of themselves like never before. You cannot live an extraordinary life without taking advantage of opportunity in your life.  And here is a fact: Opportunities are Abundant. The good news is that they are abundant for everyone. The bad news is only a select group of people will look for them.


Preparation is the key to opportunity. There is no way around this fact. If we are not prepared for opportunity, then we just simply drift through life without any hope or inclination that you need to change.

Imagination is needed for your personal motivation for preparation. Imagination is so critical to the process of realizing opportunity, because you must be able to see the unseen. You must be able to see the future, even though you don’t walk in it…yet.

Recognize the opportunity. Why is recognition so important? Recognition of opportunity is important because it allows you to start taking advantage of that what you are prepared for. Recognition of anything does not take place until the opportunity resembles something you have experienced.

Always be objective. Most importantly, be an engaged objector of anything you want in life. Connect with it. Discover a professional attitude. There are so many amateurs out there, that professionals are needed in abundance. Give yourself an hour a day to work toward your objective. Educate yourself. Give yourself the space to be passionate about obtaining success in your objective.

So, next time before you waste time or blow off something that you know you should be doing…ask yourself the question…Am I preparing myself for an opportunity? The answer to this question will tell you all you need to know.

Inspired Point of Power: Opportunity is not in front of you, it is within you.

~Be Inspired and Live You!

-Coach Dwayne L.

Coach Dwayne L. is a Certified Life Coach. Feel free to Follow, Like, Comment, or email him at inspiredvisionsllc@yahoo.com. For more motivation please visit http://www.inspiredvisionsllc.wordpress.com or http://www.facebook.com/Inspiredvisionsllc

11 thoughts on “The Opportunity of your Lifetime…

  1. Whilst I agree that opportunity is within everyone…here’s some kicker questions for you to mull over IV. I’m interested in your response.
    1. Why should anyone see something they did not ask for as a gift? If I bought you a rat infested old shoe and told you it was a gift, would you accept it as one? And are we obliged to accept gifts we have not asked for?
    The choice to make me and give birth to me was just that. Someone ELSE’s choice, driven by their own thoughts, desires, ego, societal obligations and agendas. Something THEY wanted. I didn’t ask for it and now I am obliged to see it as a gift? And not only that I now have to repay something back for a gift I didn’t actually ask for.

    2. Does this gift of life apply to all living creatures or just us lucky humans?

    3. Do you really, really believe that pain and heartache comes from being comfortable? I know you said it was ONE of the reasons, but above all else that derives heartache and pain in life you gave it top billing in your post? I would have thought that it is more likely to come from stretching oneself, pushing oneself and beating yourself sideways to meet opportunity and not hitting the mark time and time again, surely?

    1. Editor, thanks for stopping by! Interesting questions. I did muse over them a while…

      1. No one asked to be here. You nor I are obligated to look at our lives as a gift. That is our individual choice. I believe we are given life to give back to life…just like you are doing on WordPress now, and I believe also in your life. It’s definitely a choice to look at life as a gift. However, once a person decides that their life is a gift, I believe we are obligated to give back. I feel that most people want to give back.

      2. The gift of life itself is the gift. Take Pets for example. They bring so much love to people’s lives…they are able to give to others the one thing that they desire…love.

      3. The Heartache and Pain I spoke of in my post referred to the daily frustrations and let downs of being stuck or tolerable in current and negative situations without digging deep to express themselves at a new level by becoming the person to rise above their circumstances. In essence, the stretching and pushing that you speak of is one and the same of what I’m saying. For this is how we make use of the gift that is our lives (even if we didn’t ask for it). We are all here for a reason, purpose and time period (important)…it’s up to us to discover and follow our individual path.

      Great comment from you! Hope to hear from you soon!

      1. Ha ha! I love a good answer to an interesting debate/discussion!

        1. I suspect you are right that most people want to give back, which is why I wondered how you would answer the question from someone who was questioning that standard.

        3. Yes I guess we are all here for a reason, maybe sometimes we think it is more grandiose than simply being ourselves? I don’t know…the jury is still out on that one!

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