What is the main difference between successful and unsuccessful people?  It has been proven that successful people literally have a different mindset than unsuccessful people.  This knowledge alone is enough to make a difference in your life.  However, it doesn’t stop there.  In addition to having a different mindset, successful people cultivate and nurture their successful mindset – each and every single day.

Below are some of the main points that will help you be more successful in whatever you do.


Reflective thinking is a “tool” that successful people use to learn from their mistakes and their successes.  Without emotional involvement, they ask themselves what did I do correct, what did I do wrong, and what could I have done better?  They use the feedback from these questions to ultimately keep improving throughout their lives.  They approach each day with the same mindset of learning from whatever takes place.


Learning is fun.  Think about that 2 year old child that is just exploring stuff.  They are not concerned with how they look, or how hard it is.  They look at it as fun because most learning at that age is disguised as games.  Well, the game is available to us as adults.  We just have to look at it as that way.  Academics make learning a slow arduous process, but we can use our imagination to make learning fun again.  And the more fun you have, the more you will want to learn.


Here’s what we know about life.  Naturally speaking, we can not survive off of unhealthy meals, day after day.  Yes, the meals taste good, but this way of living leads to an unhealthy weight, an undesired look, and often low self-esteem.  It’s no different with your mind.  Feed your mind good ideas and wonderful things will begin to happen.  You will start thinking on a higher level while reaping all the healthy benefits that comes with enlightened thinking.


Another trait that helps people succeed is that they are able to look at the Bottom Line without actually feeling they are at the bottom.  A key characteristic is that your success or failure is independent of feelings.  No one ever was successful because they felt a certain way.  People are successful because they DO certain things.  They intentionally decide how they want to feel and go about taking actions to make themselves feel that way.   We all have this same power.

In the end, it’s important to look at life as the opportunity that it is.  We all know, the way to make the most out of our opportunities is when we build skills to take advantage of time and chance.  Successful people build the right skill-set by using their thinking as a tool to achieve what they want.  Whatever you want to achieve is out there somewhere in time and space.  You simply have to build the skills and use the tools to achieve it.

Inspired Point of Power:  A tool is only good, if you use it.  Think Yourself Successful.

~Be Inspired and Live You!

-Coach Dwayne L.

Coach Dwayne L. is a Certified Life Coach. Feel free to Follow, Like, Comment, or email him at inspiredvisionsllc@yahoo.com. For more motivation please visit http://www.inspiredvisionsllc.wordpress.com or http://www.facebook.com/Inspiredvisionsllc

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