There is an innate truth that resonates with each human being on the planet.  What is this truth, you ask?  We all want love.  Pure and simple.  The concept of love has absolutely consumed our society.  There have been countless songs written about it, countless movies to depict it, and countless sacrifices made for it.  So, with all the hoopla involved…what does it really mean to be loved?  To be loved means we are accepted, trusted, nurtured, challenged, cared for, respected, and connected to another.  Quite frankly, love is what Soul Mates is all about.  There are hundreds of websites on the internet promising to help find your Soul Mate, matching a gazillion qualities to find the perfect person for you.  However, The DCP takes a different approach when it comes to Soul Mates.  Keep reading, you’re going to like this one!

The DCP says that all love is not created equal!  Many people are unaware of this truth.  They spend their precious time in life looking for the perfect mate.  This perfect mate of course is supposed to be their Soul Mate.  The reality is that you need to start being more realistic.  Fortunately, The DCP is centered on realism!  While you are looking for the perfect mate, please keep this one little thought in mind  – Even Adam didn’t have the perfect mate…and she was HAND DELIVERED to Adam by God himself (Oh why did she eat the fruit…we had it made)!    

The DCP says that a Soul Mate is a LOVE that has a specific purpose in another’s life.  God creates everything for a purpose.  Likewise, whether we are aware of it or not, everyone in our lives serve a specific purpose.  Some good.  Some bad.  Case and point – There are so many unhappy relationships in the world today.   Chances are pretty good that you know a person in an unhappy relationship.  This happens mostly because people are expecting others to serve a purpose in their life that the other person is INCAPABLE of fulfilling (at that point in time).  That’s why there are so many disagreements, hurt feelings, lack of communication, and destructive behavior in romantic relationships.  The DCP is here to help eliminate these pitfalls because The DCP believes that everyone deserves to be happy in their lives!  The key is to align your expectations with the actual purpose of love in your life.  Once this is done, things will start to fall into place and life will get a lot easier.

Before we go any further, it must be stated that there is a difference between purpose and need.  The DCP is about healthy relationships, which means that one person should never need another person.  Soul Mates are not about needing each other.  However, they are about loving each other.  Furthermore, romantic relationships should always be about wants and choices.  This gives you control over yourself and releases the other person from unfair expectations that you have of them.  If you can honestly say that you need another person in your life to be happy, then you are setting yourself up to die many deaths in the arena of love.  And who want’s that, right???  Life is about living!  The DCP is about living!  Therefore, your relationship should be about living!

So, now let’s talk about real Soul Mates.  If you have a true friend, consider yourself blessed!  In a world like today, with so much crime and violence more rampant than ever, if a person is truly fortunate to have a loved one – no matter if that is a person, animal, or whatever – they are ahead in life.  The DCP says there are no have to’s when it comes to love.  Does that person have to care?  Does that person have to love you?  Does he or she have to do the things they do?  What about treating you the way they do?  Of course not! They are NOT obligated in any way, shape or form to return your affection…BUT they do.  Why?  It is because they are ultimately connected to you in a spiritual (SOUL) way.  Numerically speaking, there may be someone for everyone (remember there are 7 billion people in the world). The DCP says your Soul Mate is not only limited to your romantic relationships.  The DCP says your Soul Mate could be your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, your pet (that loves you unconditionally), your daughter, your son, or your best friend.  You may not be in love with him or her, but then again Soul Mates are not about being in love – it’s about love (there is a difference which we will discuss on another post).  The undeniable connection of love, respect, and trust between you and another defines who your Soul Mate is.

It’s decision time!  So, let’s talk about how much DECIDING you actually do when it comes to your Soul Mate.  Do you decide what that person should look like?  Do you decide how her voice sounds?  How much money he makes?  How tall he is?  The time that he or she will show up in your life?   Do you decide who you will fall in love with?  No, you don’t decide any of these things!  You are receptive to love at different times in your life and that’s whats great about love’s unpredictability.  The DCPBL (DCP Bottom Line) is that you don’t find your Soul Mate. Your Soul Mate finds you!  When a Soul Mate comes into your life – your life changes.  Your life is never the same.  Your relationship is better, your relationship is stronger, your relationship is…COMPLETE.

-Remember, if you’re going to spend your time, spend it wisely.  The DCP says that instead of spending your time looking for the perfect mate, spend your time looking for the perfect love.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I believe everyone has deal breakers when looking for the ideal mate as well. Some believe in love at first site, I think that’s more infatuation at first site. I believe relationships are built on mutual activities and agreements, that just continually develop and may lead to romance.

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