It’s the first month of the New Year! You know what that means…it’s New Year’s Resolution time! If truth be told, we could all use some new resolutions in our lives. Without a doubt, the most popular resolutions consist of something like losing weight, being a better person, trying to get promoted or something to that affect. It must be noted that although these goals are certainly worthwhile, most people never really consider being a better lover as their prime New Year’s resolution.

If you try to remember hard and long enough, you’ll remember a few times when you were in a really bad relationship…maybe even a few bad relationships (we’ve all been there). Sure, everything may be good for you right now, and you may be with the perfect mate for you, but remember when the person occupying that position wasn’t so great? Was it hard to love the other person when things were going well? Was it hard to love the other person when things were going bad? Without question, it’s easier to love some people, and harder to love others.

Enter the Law of Association. We love people that are like us. We love people when things are going well in our lives. We love people that like the things we like. We love people that think the way we think. We love people that act the way we act. We love people that do the things we do. It is a common practice that we all unconsciously programmed to perform.

But what about when things are not so good or when the person looking back at you is nothing like you? Quite frankly, in situations like this…loving someone may be the hardest thing you ever do. And if you want to take it one step further, loving yourself is often harder than that. Love is an easy word to say, but hard to implement. There are many reasons for this, but one of the main reasons for it is unfair comparisons.

If you didn’t compare yourself to others, you would love yourself more. If you didn’t compare the people in your life to what you view as good or what you view as bad, you would be able to love them more also. Love is not just the emotion we feel for people that we agree with, it’s finding that little piece of good in every person regardless of how they act, look or talk.

God is love, and love is also a commandment from God, but what does this really mean to us? Do we love our enemies like we are supposed to? Do we love our close friends, wives, husbands, family like we are supposed to? The mere fact that people profess that they are Christians, means that they have signed up for a marathon of forgiveness. A sprint just won’t do it. It doesn’t feel good to love people that do not love you. Conversely, it feels wonderful when your love is returned by the people you love. So, what’s the answer?

The answer is forgiveness! Forgiveness is the key to love. If you are able to forgive, you are able to love. If you are not able to love, it’s because you are not willing to forgive. Forgiveness and love go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. So, this New Year…be a lover, be a forgiver! You’ll find it’s the best New Year’s Resolution that you ever made for yourself…and for others.

~Remember, if you want to experience love…your just one step of forgiveness away. Happy New Year!

-Be Inspired and Live You!

Coach Dwayne

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