Let’s talk about something that everyone has in common. It doesn’t matter how young, old or what color you are; it doesn’t matter where you come from. This effects everyone. Of course I’m talking about FEAR. Fear has been the cause of massive losses in life and is undoubtedly the most crippling emotion that we consistently face.

Let me ask you a question…who gave fear permission to exist in your life? The answer to this question is critical to your success. Most people don’t realize that they are the ones that give fear permission to exist and remain in their lives. Truth: we permit fear to stand in our way. Our fears are only as strong as we believe they are. We’ve all been scared to fail. We’ve all been scared to succeed. Sadly, sometimes we end up letting our fears talk us into not even trying.

The key to overcoming any fear is actually overpowering the things that feed and support our fear. Just like people have an appetite for success, your fears have an appetite as well…and if you are not aware, your fear will seek out things and people that feed into it. You have to be cognizant of your Fear Support System (FSS). Oh yes, your fear has its own support system. It’s your willingness to perpetuate the support system that keeps your fear alive and well.

Let’s look at some of the things that could be supporting your fear. One thing that acts as a cement foundation to fear is your willingness to stay where you are in life. If you are unhappy with your life and are willing to stay where you are, then you are supporting your fear. Likewise, if you are talking to people in your inner circle that do not promote progress and direction in your life, then I hate to say it, but they too are supporting your fears.

Do some research on yourself. Find out where your fears originated from. It could be that you are actually living according to someone else’s fear that was passed on to you in your childhood or from a bad relationship. As we live, we learn things from different people, and fear is no different.


Take heart, God has not given us the Spirit of Fear. We know that we are more than conquerors when we trust in him and do his will. This is a very powerful statement, because no conqueror goes into battle without first believing that he can win the battle – no matter the obstacle.

You have to believe, and belief will lead you to powerful, life changing action. When we trust and have faith, God supports us in our lives. He helps us do what we once were fearful of; what we once thought impossible. Think about it this way, what is your fear compared to God’s will for your life? I think we will both agree that it’s actually no comparison at all. So, now that you are armed with the knowledge, what’s stopping you…I thought so 🙂

Remember, when fear knocks on your door, you are the only one that can let it in – or keep it out.

~Be Inspired, and Live You!

Coach Dwayne

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