As we go through life, there are enormous opportunities that are available to us. Opportunities are all around us and they exist every day of our lives. However, they are only realized if we are willing to pursue them with our heart as well as our mind.

Many people have goals, but for most people achieving goals boils down to a simple mental want. It’s nowhere near a true, heartfelt burning desire. Chasing your goals with heart takes hunger, and hunger comes from internalizing the reasons you truly want success.

So, with that being said…let’s get down to the most important question someone could ask you about your success goals; “Why“.  “Why” plays a major role in our drive to get to where we want to go.  It is also the sole reason that we give up, if our successes are not realized. For these reasons, it’s definitely in our best interests to come up with the strongest “Whys” that we can.  They are strong because even though we may have similar “Whys”, the level of intensity is as exclusive as each of our fingerprints.

Here are a few Personal Power Questions that will help you focus on your inspired journey of development:

1.  What are the strongest three reasons “Why” you want to achieve your goal?

2.  How can you remind yourself of these reasons when times get hard?

3.  Why are your reasons special to you?

When you are chasing your dreams and your goals, your “Why” is your best friend. It is your closest friend. Your “Why” won’t laugh at you; in the hard times, it will encourage you. And when you get knocked down, your “Why” won’t tell you to give up…your “Why” will tell you to get up. The “Why” makes you set that goal. It makes you set that date. It makes you achieve the greatness that’s waiting for you.

Remember, the reason you want to be successful is more important than the success itself! So, be true to yourself and your success will be true to you.

~Be Inspired and Live You! Coach Dwayne L.

Coach Dwayne L. is a Certified Life Coach. Feel free to Follow, Like, Comment, or email him at

5 thoughts on “Just One Question…

  1. Such an inspiring post. I want to answer your ‘whys’ here for me. 1. Three reasons that I want to achieve my goal: a. Because our precious children are not being cared for as well as they should be. b..My son died much too young because of complications of the health system as it is now. c. I am a licensed practitioner and have seen the changes over the years that are detrimental to our children with chronic illnesses.
    2. a. I can think of my son and wrongs that were done in his case. I an think of my sweet niece Natalie who lives with Ehler’s Danlos everyday of her life. c. Think of all the children that deserve a change because they are not second hand citizens.
    3. My reasons are special to me because my son was born with chronic diseases and acquired more later on. It is a difficult road to have a sick child, knowing that they are not going to get better. Besides the child, there are parents trying to walk that road with misdiagnoses, misunderstandings, harsh treatment and disrespect from the medical staff. They are overwhelmed and in a constant state of fear. They need help.

    Thank you for allowing me to do this here. This has empowered me and given me a renewed strength to continue!

    1. Hi Patty! You are welcome! It is true warriors like you that give voice to the principles you embody! Continue to fight. Never give up! The world is better because of you. Be Inspired…and Live You!

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