As the New Year approaches (yes, it’s that time again), most of us will start to make our New Year Resolutions and get in the mood to achieve bigger and better things.  One of the main things people tend to try to improve year to year is their health.  So, check out these four principles to setting yourself up for success in the New Year.


Time is always a person’s Achilles heel when trying to reach a healthier level.  People use lack of time as a major excuse for not starting a workout program. It is times like these that we must realize that 24 hours a day is all anyone has.  It will always be this way.  So to make time, we will need to assess our schedules, and in doing so, I guarantee that we will find ourselves doing something throughout the day that is occupying time that we could use to workout.


Another thing that prevents people from being successful in fitness is their diet.  The truth is, we don’t accidentally weigh more than we actually WANT to weigh. The rationale is that – we don’t accidentally eat anything.  This is where a solid plan pays dividends.  Instead of eating whatever, make a plan to eat something that will actually help you achieve your desired weight.


People are so concerned with doing super INTENSE workouts nowadays. For the lay person, this can be very intimidating.  Please understand that you don’t have to do those INTENSE workouts that you see on TV or the DVDs.  You don’t have to be athletic to get into shape.  Simply find something that you love to do that will get your heart rate up for the necessary time period to achieve fat loss.


We all could use more motivation at one time.  Working out is no different.  No matter what you do in life, some days you are JUST NOT IN THE MOOD to do it.  This is where Plan B comes in.  Have a Plan A where you work out hard, and have a Plan B where it’s a moderate level, but able to keep you active.  This will help build your motivation, because you don’t have to die every time you lace up your sneakers.

At the end of the day, everything mentioned here is under your control.  T.E.A.M will help you reach your New Year’s goal of being a healthier you.

Inspired Point of Power:  Start slow…Finish Fast.

~Be Inspired and Live You!

-Coach Dwayne L.

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