One thing that separates us from other people is the power of imagination.  Our imagination becomes evident when we use our power of visualization for our benefit rather than concentrating on thoughts of what we perceive to be reality. Oftentimes our perception of reality simply does not serve us.

That’s why it’s so important to use our imagination. Imagination gives us so many benefits in life. For one, it ignites our passions from within.  Passion is when our mental faculty of imagination melds with the desires of our heart.  This is where our dreams originate from.  This is where our future goals that we cannot physically touch today become reality tomorrow.

Imagination allows us to change for the better.  Imagination causes us to gaze into the future so we can be who we could or should be instead of who people have labeled us to be.

Imagination propels us to keep writing, blogging, creating YouTube videos, playing music, etc. even though we may not have a thousand likes, comments or whatever.  The mere fact that it is in our minds, cements the fact that it is our reality – no matter the magnitude.

Imagination keeps us young.  Have you ever noticed how kids use their imagination?  It’s something awesome to behold because they really get into it.  And what’s best about them using it is that they are happy and totally taken away by what they are doing.  As adults, we tend to leave this power behind in our childhood.  But if we really want to be powerful, we must re-educate our imagination by reading books to produce ideas beyond what we are mentally capable of producing alone.

Imagination brings about infinite possibilities because we can always increase and improve. However, there will never be improvement unless you can first free yourself to imagine the improvement you want to make.

So, the next time you find yourself trapped in your day to day workings, just allow yourself to drift off into your imagination.  It could be the most productive time of the day.

Inspired Point of Power: Say NO to the perceived reality and YES to your imagination!

~Be Inspired and Live You!

-Coach Dwayne L.

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