There is a reality to every situation that we will ever experience. What is this reality? It is that we can only control ourselves. By default by controlling ourselves means that we cannot and are not allowed to control anything or anyone else.

Most people take a long time to learn this Social Law and it is always learned the hard way. Do you know why we can’t control other people and situations? It is because we were never meant to control anyone or anything other than ourselves. That’s why it’s so important that we do our due diligence to be guardian over our own thoughts and our own actions.

Many marriages have been destroyed because one person thought they could control the other. Likewise, many social relationships and friendships have been cut short due to one person overstepping their bounds in this area. And, it’s possible that we ourselves may have even been the aggressor in situations that have not worked out for us the way we planned. But fear not, there are two main principles to Self-Control, and they are: Organized planning, and Persistence.

Organized Planning happens when you assess yourself enough to sit down and right out the responses and feelings you want to feel given certain situations. This is what makes acting so popular, because regardless of what may be happening in their lives, they are able to get into character and perform. This happens because they live the part they are portraying for that particular time frame.

Persistence is the other part of the game. One must realize that Self-Control is an art that must be practiced over and over to learn the process and to reap the benefits. Once you understand and have consented to the feelings you want to feel through Organized Planning, be dedicated to those feelings no matter what event you are in. Negative thoughts cause you to act in a way you don’t want to act.

Have you ever thought happy thoughts, but still felt sad? No. Because that does not happen. To be happy, you have to think happy thoughts. And guess what, no one can take that power away from you. It’s always up to you. It’s always your choice. Always. So, from here on out…plan the way you want to feel, and be committed to your plan. This is where real power comes from.

Inspired Point of Power: Self-Control makes you a Super Hero.

~Be Inspired and Live You!

-Coach Dwayne L.

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  1. I’m always telling my son, “think happy, he happy”. You’re so right – it’s our choice! Thank you for a great post.

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