You know something, we have a tendency to get entangled in our day to day lives that we almost always fail to appreciate the small things. Small things, such as life itself. It’s estimated that 250 to 300 thousand people die every day. And given the constant struggles in the world today, that number most likely isn’t going to decrease anytime soon. So many lives are abruptly ended, all the while unbeknownst to them of what life is really about.

It is probably true that there is not one gift on this earth that is more neglected than life itself. Every gift that you have given another person has come with thought. It’s unique to that person. Giving a card, a happy birthday wish, a genuine congratulations, or a heartfelt thank you; these are all gifts that you have the power to give a person while you are here.

If we can take thought for our gifts that we give, how much more does God think about us before he gives us the gift of life? The question is…what will we do with it? Do we take the time to find or decide the purpose for our lives? Or do we waste it being caught up in everyday life routines and stresses that ultimately amount to nothing. We focus on ourselves, but really it’s about the people in our lives. Your talent, your personality, your story…it’s all for someone else.

People come from all walks of life. Even though you may be trampled on, abused, hated or even overwhelmingly privileged…God loves us, and wants us to love others regardless of our situations, trials, and drawbacks. God only deals in love. Everything he does is out of love, and that is what your life is…it’s a gift. It’s a gift of love from God to someone else.

Life changes in an instant. It can be as sudden as a heart attack, stroke or an unexpected accident. It can be as quick as a certain decision you may make, but at the end of the day, while we are grateful for everything in our lives, we should make sure that we don’t leave life off the list.

So, whenever you are experiencing trouble in life…just remember that life is itself, a gift. The “bad” gives us lessons from our past. The “good” gives us enjoyment for our present. However, God gives us love and protection for eternity.

Remember, life is about enjoying others’ time, while you yourself still have it to enjoy.

~Be Inspired and Live You!

Coach Dwayne

2 thoughts on “Here’s a Gift…

  1. Living on the streets, can be a ‘ I gotta take care of me first’ kinda place, not unlike another. I was laying down on the artificial turf at the Neil Good Day Center; it was a chilly and damp day in San Diego. With only a thin blanket; I was cold. However, thankful to be under a tarp and out of the rain. With my eyes closed, I felt someone covering me. Ahhh, the sweetness of a warm heart. I slightly open my eyes to see, it was the young lady laying next to me, sharing one of her blankets. Ever so gently she covered, tucked me in, not wanting to disturb. Her name is K.K. and her kindness will always be yet another reminder of God’s wondrous love and that there is no where, He is not. * smiles*

    1. Thank you so much for the comment, Sharon! Your comment is truly inspiring..and needed on this blog. If this has been a blessing to you, please share it with others. You’re always welcome to come back and share more of your story!

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