We each see the world through our own eyes. So, what would your world look like without your passion? How would you feel? Void? Pointless? Flavorless? Well…you get the idea. And this is what happens to so many people who decide not to discover their passion, but settle for success instead. Success in the world does not mean you will be happy. It simply means that you will be successful. Passion on the other hand, gives your life the joy that is missing. Simply put, passion ensures that you will live the superior life you were meant to live!

Passion is focused love. It’s one of the most fulfilling emotions we can have as human beings. It’s an inherent part of each of us! We are each born with passion, but sadly, most of us do not die with passion. Mainly, because several things happen. It’s taken away from us. It’s stolen. Or worse yet…it’s given away. Your passion dies when you choose to neglect it. And we willfully give away our passion when we trade it for the status quo relationships, unappreciated glory, or meaningless recognition. Passion is the one key element that makes life worth living and it revitalizes you even when you have nothing else to give.

Webster’s Dictionary defines passion as the object of any strong desire. Intense emotional excitement. So, allow me to ask you a couple questions. Do you have an object of strong desire in your life? Is there anything in your life that produces intense, emotional excitement? Legitimate questions, hunh? They are only warranted because they begin to show you that passion is about being all you can be while staying true to your innermost dreams.

Most people just simply want to be happy. But the problem is, happiness is only momentary and situational. In life, no matter what level you are blessed to ascend to, you will always find yourself happy only for a short period of time before that empty feeling starts come back. We’ve all been there and yes, it’s a vicious cycle.

We’ve all had accomplishments that we really wanted to achieve, and endeavored really hard to realize them – just to come up feeling empty in a matter of weeks, months or years as if we never achieved them in the first place. It happens to the “No-getters” and it happens to the “Go-getters”! Why is that? Here’s why…the glory of accomplishment has a very alluring song that catches the attention of everyone…and people consistently believe that doing something is better than doing nothing, even though they don’t know what they want to do.

So, how do we jump into our passion? Passion starts with interest! You can’t have passion without knowing what you are interested in. And let’s face it…most of us aren’t passionate about most areas of our lives. Once you establish what you are interested in you can begin to grow into your passion. Our jobs give us so much…but if we let it, it will take so much away from us as well. The same can be said about some of our relationships. That’s why I want to put the emphasis on connecting to your interests and passion within your life, whether it be with material things in life or the love of your life.

Interest must be nurtured. Interest must be strengthened. And specifically speaking on the material things in life, it’s ok if you’re not a millionaire doing your interest. For some reason, we’ve gotten into this main stream that we have to make millions of dollars to say we are successful and that’s simply not true. The objective is to live a fulfilled, passionate life and interest is like the yellow brick road that leads to it. Sure there are challenges, but we all love to overcome a good challenge! It’s ok that you don’t do your interest full time, or even for the rest of your life. The particular object of your passion may change, but your passion is there no matter what you do. Just continue to grow and become the best person you can, and that doesn’t happen unless passion is first!

Remember, if you want your life to offer you something, first offer your life the passion it deserves…and receive what life gives you back.

~Be Inspired and Live You!

Coach Dwayne

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