If the truth is told, most of our lives are simply one big collection of material belongings, human relationships and interesting pastimes.  This network of items and aspects often times become unmanageable due to lack of control or sometimes unforeseen events.  Fortunately, time and experience are our allies in helping us make better decisions and improve ourselves, but imagine that if nothing was ever removed from your life.  Imagine if we never outgrew material possessions, trivial relationships, wasteful hobbies and bad habits.  What would your life be like, if you’re currently forty plus years old, and you were still holding on to your first tricycle that you received when you were three?  Now granted, that’s a far fetched example, but I’m using it to make a point.

My favorite book illustrates this principle so clearly by stating “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child:  but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

Imagine how cumbersome and unmanageable your life would be if you never grew physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally?  Many things would end up in your life that you would not want or need.  It’s a fact that we get in life what we want AND what we do not want.  It’s also a fact that whenever you get anything in life that you want, it automatically comes with some aspect of life that you do not want.  So, if you have more in your life that you don’t want…you need to work a little harder and faster at the art of elimination in your life. Keep reading.

Every relationship that you will find yourself is not a good relationship.  Likewise, every job that you willingly accept will not be the best job for you.  These are just two examples, but there’s an important principle here.

My favorite book talks about how he will prune every branch that brings forth fruit, so that it will bring forth more fruit.  What is the purpose of pruning?  It’s so we may become more than what we are at this current time.  The problem arrives when we want to hold on to every aspect of their lives, regardless if it’s good or bad.  If you would, take a quick look around your home, there’s no doubt that you will see things that you should get rid of.  Likewise, look at your life…doesn’t this same principle apply to your life?

When you eliminate things from your life, it gives the “real” people a chance to be more and do more in your life.  Besides, with the right support system, any turbulent times you go through will seem short lived.

Case and point; A little less than two years ago, God blessed me with a son.  When we take him to the doctor to get his shots, he’s often sitting there all happy and playing with me or his mom.  However, when the nurse brings in the needle, she may distract him for about 2 seconds, and then WHAM…right in the leg goes the needle!  My son instantly screams and cries, like he’s just not going to be able to make it – as if this is just too unbearable!  The nurse then proceeds to do the exact same procedure into the other leg.  Again, my son wails in pain and shock!  This all lasts about fifteen seconds.  Fifteen seconds later, he’s calm, cool and collected.  His head is on my shoulder as I hold him, and he’s good to go!  Often times, the only thing that remain are two band-aids to cover the needle pricks – which are eventually removed later in the day.

How accurate does this story describe our lives?  One day we are doing well, then all of a sudden a situation may arise to shock us, makes us nervous, or even makes us upset.  And although it maybe a little longer than fifteen seconds, we often move on with our lives – with those same situations becoming distant memories.  I’m sure to my son those fifteen seconds lasted an eternity.  I’m sure to you that your month or year or two years, etc felt like an eternity, but we have to be aware that all things pass.  The situations either pass because they got better, or they pass because we get stronger.  The only thing that holds us in the places we are now, are our attitudes and our perception, which leads to our actions.

Eliminating the negative things in your life is the same way.  Sure, you may go through a rough spot, but isn’t it worth it?  Isn’t it worth moving past sticking points in your life?  Isn’t it worth creating the life you want based on your desires?  We each have to take time to make a difference in our own life.  Life is made up of time and energy – and both need to be present for you to be effective.  If you have time, but no energy…nothing will get done.  Likewise, if you have energy, but no time…nothing will get done.   So, what’s the answer?  The answer is that you always want to focus on what’s in your life, so that you can have the wisdom to know what’s good for yourself, and what’s not good for yourself.

So, the next time you run into a situation…ask yourself is this situation something that I’ve outgrown, or am I just holding on to it because I haven’t grown up yet?

Remember,   “Progress in life is discovering what you can do without.”

~Be Inspired and Live You!

Coach Dwayne

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