In continuing with the Spirit of Success from last week, I decided to list more principles to help people be more successful.

#1 Circumstances

One thing that is common to every person on the earth is that we all are faced with circumstances. Those circumstances can be good, bad, or neutral. However, successful people know that the circumstance doesn’t really matter. The only thing that matters is how to handle the circumstance.

Unsuccessful people always focus on the problem. This drains their energy and resources. On the other hand, successful people concentrate strictly on the solution and the creativity utilized to reach it. This keeps the successful person energetic and resourceful.

#2 Attitude of Gratitude

Successful people believe in the attitude of gratitude. If you follow any of the Success Coaches, they have mentioned this to you before. However, even though we may know this, how many of us still do not take the time to make this part of our daily success building routine? If we want to be successful, it’s time that we learned and practiced this concept.

#3 Patience

Unsuccessful people are impatient. They refuse to put in their time to achieve what they NEED to achieve, so that they can achieve what they WANT to achieve. And because they are impatient, they often lose focus and tend to quit shortly after starting something.

Successful people know that if they put in the necessary time, they will reap the benefits. They know that if they do what they need to do…they will do what they want to do.  Successful people know that it’s not a matter of IF…it’s a matter of WHEN.

#4 Meditation

Meditation is something that everyone can do, but will not take the time to do. Successful people meditate. They meditate in the morning upon waking up and they meditate at night before they go to bed. Numerous studies have proven the vast benefits of meditation. I wonder why more people don’t do it?

#5 Plan

Planning is key if you want to be successful. Do you have a plan? Most people don’t. If you do…then you are on your way to success. A plan is the approach we want to take to achieve some worthwhile goal. At the start of this year, I sat down and came up with a plan for the entire year. This is how I will achieve my goal, and it’s how successful people achieve their goals.

Inspired Point of Power:  Only the successful, will do what NEEDS to be done.

~Be Inspired and Live You!

-Coach Dwayne L.

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