Today, I want to talk to you about a principle that has really helped me a lot in my journey through life. It is a real simple concept, but it pays huge dividends if you can incorporate it into your repertoire. I am talking about the principle of reaction versus responsibility.

First, let’s talk about reaction. Think for a minute about how much you’ve reacted in your life. Think about instances in your relationship. Think about instances at your job. How did they work out? Chances are, they didn’t end as well as you thought they would, or wanted them to.

The bottom line is: Reacting to situations is highly habit forming – bad habit forming at that. When you are acting in a reactionary mode in your life, you emotionally, mentally, and physically have minimal control over your life. People who are reactive in life are often at the lowest part of society or are people trapped in the way of someone else’s desires.

Now, let’s cover responsibility. For a second, think about how much you have responded in your life. I’m sure you will find that your reaction instances are much higher than your response instances. However, your responsive instances have been more beneficial to you in your time.

The ability to be responsible ultimately means that you are “response” able. The true difference in reaction and responsiveness is control. In reacting to situations, the situations are actually in control whereas when you realize and practice your ability to respond – you are always in control.

Responsive people own their individual power. And not only that, but they are able to share that with others through mentorship and leadership. They are the absolute best. With their demeanor and character, they allow their followers to grow more quickly and securely to reach their full potential. So, that’s a good way to learn to be more responsive is to find a mentor.

Another way to stop being reactive, and to start being more responsive, is to give yourself five seconds to respond to situations. This time will seem like a lifetime at first, but you will only utilize it initially to build up the habit of responsiveness. It is a powerful tool…so please use it wisely. Find a mentor, and use the tool I am providing you and before you know it, you will be on your way to a much better lifestyle.

Inspired Point of Power: If you control yourself, a situation can never control you.
~Be Inspired and Live You!
-Coach Dwayne L.
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